Table of Contents


Vanda at Twenty (In Vanda’s Room)
The Wreckages of European Civilization (The Portuguese Woman)
Melodrama as Process (Paul Newman)
Letters from a Disappearing Continent (Mysteries of Cinema)
Joe’s Guts (Embodiment of Evil)
Mojica and the Break of Reality
Environmental Horror (Dark Waters)
War Camera, War Generals (1917)
Late Capitalism’s Death Wish (Uncut Gems)
A Body Before Law and Order (Richard Jewell)
Shadows of Disorder (Frontier Marshal)
Seijun Suzuki – An Annotated Filmography (1964-2005)
Seijun Suzuki – An Annotated Filmography (1956-1963)
Ivan Passer (1933-2020)
A Subversive Pedagogy (The Spook Who Sat by the Door)
Some Favorites Seen for the first Time in 2019
My Favorite Films of 2019
Two Chinese Films and a Few Questions (Better Days, Chasing Dream)
The Last Carnival (The Wolf of Wall Street)
The Ghosts and History (The Irishman)
Brian De Palma’s European Nightmare (Domino)
Commodified Lives (Marriage Story, Private Life)
Images at the Wreckeges of History (Film Catastrophe)
The Gentrified Life of Film Screens (The Projectionist)
Fictions of Conquest (Ad Astra)
When Murder Remains Under State Tutelage (Police Killing)
Park Avenue Blues (Blue Jasmine)
Notes on Bacurau (Bacurau)
Zapata Westerns: Different Ways to Blow-up the Mexican Revolution
Ang Lee and the Visible (Gemini Man)
Parasite’s Theatrical Games (Parasite)